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Tampoprint recently introduced its Hybrid 90, a two-color pad-printing press that includes an integrated laser system for on-press cliche creation. Tampoprint says the combination of the laser and the press’s 110 x 56-in. (2800 x 120-mm) flexible cliche band can produce print-ready cliche within seconds. The Hybrid 90 supports up to 1200 cycles/hr and print sizes up to 3.3 in. (85 mm) in outer diameter. It features two 3.5-in. (90-mm) ink/doctoring cups, variable doctoring contact pressure, electro-pneumatic drive, piece counter, and more. Tampoprint says the cliche band can be used to produce up to 215 designs. Tampoprint, 1400 26th St., Vero Beach, FL 32960, 772-778-8896, fax: 772-778-8289, Web:


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