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Pad Print Machinery of Vermont bills its XE-30 pad-printing press as the most powerful machine yet, capable of producing 4000 Newton meters of pad compression. The XE-30 is designed to handle silicone pads larger than a loaf of bread, weighing as much as 18 lbs, with a hardness of 60-70 durometer. Pad Print Machinery says the press can print on extremely rough surfaces and is able to get into deep crevasses. It reportedly can also print very quickly and very slowly while maintaining spot-on printing precision with one to eight colors and image sizes up to 9.75 in. (247.7 mm) in diameter. The XE-30 is available with independent pads that can be programmed with varying and multiple firing sequences. This capability allows for printing multicolor logos, four-color process, multiple prints of single colors, and printing on items such as appliance labels, hard hats, athletic equipment, and large, curved metal parts. The press uses a Windows-based operating system that stores jobs and all parameters. An auto-learn function allows users to manually fine-tune pad and ancillary device settings, and the adjustments are saved to a database. The XE-30 also has a LAN or Internet connection for remote monitoring/maintenance and software uploads. Pad Print Machinery of Vermont, 201 Tennis Way, PO Box 720, East Dorset, VT 05253, 802-362-0844, 800-272-7764, fax: 802-362-0858, Web:


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