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Printex’s retooled its G2 series pad-printing presses to offer several new features designed to maximize productivity. The G2-60 and G2-100 presses now allow users to increase the image-size capabilities of the Printex sealed-ink-cup press from 60 mm to 85 mm and from 100 mm to 115 mm, respectively. Improvements to the G2 Sealed Ink Cup include a double-edged doctoring ring. The cup is compatible with all Printex sealed-ink-cup equipment, offers longer life, and is designed for easy installation. The G2-125 Modular Pad Printing System is now equipped with a G2-125 Over-Under Conveyor Indexer, featuring a flexible platen system. The indexer complements Printex’s G2-125 Four Color Option to offer faster cycle time and optimum registration. The Four Color Option offers a 2.125-in.-diameter image area. The G2-125 also features plug-and-play attachments: single-color 125-mm; two-color 100-mm; four-color 60-mm; and 85-mm transverse plate options. Users can incorporate a linear shuttle, pneumatic slide, or the over-under indexer. Printex USA, 12113 Kirkham Rd., Poway, CA 92064, 858-513-2418, 800-982-1928, fax: 858-513-2419, e-mail:, Web:


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