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ORAJET Series 3676 and 3675 films from ORACAL are perforated, window-graphics media designed for use with solvent and eco-solvent inkjet printers. Both films are 5.5 mils thick and feature a transparent, permanent, solvent-based adhesive. Series 3676 features a 60/40 perforation pattern (60% printable, 40% open), making the film suitable for architectural window graphics and other applications that require extra surface area. Series 3675, which replaces Series 3631, features a 50/50 perforation pattern and is intended for vehicle-window-graphic applications that require maximum visibility through the graphic. Both films offer an outdoor lifespan of three years and are available in 30- and 150-ft (9.2 and 45.8-m) rolls with widths of 24, 30, and 54 in. (610, 762, and 1372 mm). ORACAL USA, 7251 Salisbury Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32256, 904-726-9597, 888-672-2251, fax: 904-726-9409, e-mail:, Web:


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