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Elsner’s ENR 1000 Series nonwoven-sheets perforator rewinder system is designed to automatically unwind, perforate, slit, and rewind a predetermined number of nonwoven product sheets/roll. Elsner says its ENR 1000 produces six 7-in. (178-mm) wide finished rolls per log at up to 15 logs/min, providing 90 finished rolls/min. Web widths range from 12-42 in. (305 to 1067 mm), and the maximum rewind diameter is 10 in. (254 mm). Elsner says the ENR winds on a shaft and can support soft, nonwoven products previously unable to be rewound on a coreless machine in widths more than 18 in. (457 mm). Users can set up and adjust slit width through a touch-screen operator interface. The rotary shear perforator is servo-controlled for infinite pitch-length adjustment from 6-24 in. (150 to 610 mm). An off-the-floor unwind system is equipped with automatic edge guide and tension control for a 40-in. (1016-mm) diameter maximum roll on a 3-in. (76-mm) ID core. Inline folding is available, as is hot-melt tail tie roll closure. Elsner Engineering Works, Inc., 475 Fame Ave., PO Box 66, Hanover, PA 17331, 717-637-5991, fax: 717-633-7100, Web:

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