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Ikonics Imaging engineered its new R3 photo-resist film for rapid washout, repositionability, and resolution. The company says R3 washes out faster than any competitive film and notes that the translucent film and its new adhesive technology allow for easy resposintioning. According to Ikonics, R3 accommodates fine line resolution than any film in its class. The use of R3 involves exposing a positive image onto the film, developing the film with  pressurized water, and, once dry, applying the self-adhesive side of the film to the substrate. R3 is available in 10 x 12-in. (254 x 305-mm) sheets and 10- and 14-in-wide (254- and 356-mm) rolls in lengths of 25 and 100 ft (8 and 31 m). Ikonics Imaging/PhotoBrasive Systems, 4832 Grand Ave., Duluth, MN 55807, 218-628-2002, 800-643-1037, fax: 218-628-2064, Web:


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