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AutoForm PEG is a new, hard-coated polyester film from MacDermid Autotype. It’s designed to add clarity and scratch resistance to display panels on communication devices. AutoForm PEG can be used for applications that involve flat and curved surfaces and is compatible with film insert molding (FIM), also known as in mold labeling (IML). Artwork is screen printed onto a flat piece of hard-coated film, then formed by heat or pressure to produce a three-dimensional part. The film is then die cut and back injection molded. MacDermid Autotype says no post-mold processing is required and notes that AutoForm PEG can be used with a variety of FIM screen-printing inks and with production processes such as sputtering. MacDermid Autotype, Inc., 2050 Hammond Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60173, 847-303-5900, 800-323-0632, fax: 847-303-5225, Web:


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