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FLEXcon describes its THERMLfilm CHEMGARD 20361, 21361, and 22361 as a durable label solutions that do not require the need for overlamination when used with Ricoh B110CU ribbon. The polyester films reportedly offer a high level of chemical and scratch resistance for product identification, warning/instructional, and compliance labels. The films feature a new matte topcoat that, when printed with the Ricoh B110CU resin ribbon, is said to resist chemicals such as MEK and IPA, as well as brake fluid and acetone. The films feature FLEXcon’s permanent acrylic adhesive. FLEXcon says the label provides two-year outdoor durability. FLEXcon, 1 FLEXcon Industrial Park, Spencer, MA 01562-2642, 508-885-8200, fax: 508-885-8400, Web:


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