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Spectro Eco Film, from Imprintables Warehouse, is a PVC-free, pressure-sensitive film designed for use with digital cutters. It’s made with polyurethane, is peeled hot, and reportedly is easy to weed and delivers a soft hand. Spectro Eco Film can be used on 100% cotton, 100% polyester, poly/cotton blends, nylon, and leather. Suitable applications include work uniforms, spirit wear, fashion wear, and leisure wear. The film can be cut into letters, numbers, and shapes and is available in 15-, 30-, 75-, and 150-ft (4.6-, 9.2-, 22.9-, and 45.8-m) rolls with a 15-in. (381-mm) width. Imprintables Warehouse, PO Box 711, Masontown, PA 15461, 800-347-0068, e-mail:, Web:



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