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Positioning and securing graphic panels to exhibit frames can be a pesky task. Drytac built its BoothBug to automatically locate and lock the panels into place. The portable pop-up display system features a three-in-one channel bar, designed to reduce setup time and parts inventory, as well as the MagnaStrip graphics-installation system, which eliminates the use of hooks and locking clips. BoothBug comes in two models. The 3×3 version is 98.5 x 90.5 x 25.6 in. (2502 x 2299 x 650 mm). The 4×4 model is 119.3 x 90.5 x 37.6 in. (3030 x 2299 x 955 mm). Drytac, 5383 Glen Alden Dr., Richmond, VA 23231, 804-222-3094, fax: 804-226-2330, Web:


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