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Tradeshow exhibitors who need an effective display that is easy to set up may find what they need in Prezenta’s new TranZibit Table. TranZibit is a portable, all-in-one display table that features a recessed surface for graphics, adjustable legs, on-board storage, retractable handles, and more. Prezenta says the injection-molded product also can be used as a light-duty dolly. The table can be raised or lowered from 29-39 in. (737-991 mm), and it folds from a 2 x 6-ft (610 x 1829-mm) table into 2 x 3 ft (51 x 76 mm)for transport. TranZibit also features underside storage for literature and table skirt, as well as removable casters and a storage bag. Prezenta Presentation Products, 1502 N. 23rd St., Wilmington, NC 28405, 800-891-1869, fax: 910-452-2090, Web:


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