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Neschen’s Expolinc Poster Profiles are designed to allow users to hang posters from a ceiling or mount them to a wall. The system consists of top and bottom profiles made of anodized aluminum, two plastic mountings strips, end caps, and hanging loops (wall-mount kit is optional). Users attach a poster to the mounting strips, slide the strips into the aluminum profiles, and then fasten the end caps. The top profile allows hanging with the loops (included), and the bottom profile provides counter-weight to ensure the poster remains flat and straight. The Poster Profiles are suitable for retail promotion and point-of-sale applications. Standard sizes are 21, 27, 39, and 78 in. (533, 685, 990, and 1981 mm). Neschen Americas, 7091 Troy Hill Dr., Elkridge, MD 21075,800-257-7325, Web:


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