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Looking for a premask that can adhere to the UV inks and clear coat systems you use in your screen-printing applications? R-Tape says its new 4782 fits the bill. The company also says the 4782 premask is an exceptional choice for four-color-process graphics. It’s formulated with a low-tack, rubber adhesive system to aid the adhesion of the premask to the printed graphics. According to R-Tape, a heavy coat weight of adhesive is designed to flow into the peaks and valleys of four-color prints. The company also notes that the adhesive tears cleanly, resists legging, can be applied wet, and is forgiving enough to allow users to pull the tape apart easily and with no delamination should adhesive touch adhesive. R Tape Corp., 6 Ingersoll Rd., South Plainfield, NJ 07080, 908-753-5570, fax: 908-753-5014, Web:


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