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If the application at hand requires a PSA with low coating weight, have a look at ADMTack from ADM Tronics. The new line of water-based adhesives is formulated for optimum peel and shear properties, and the PSAs can be used at film thicknesses as low as 0.0005-0.001 in. (0.013-0.025 mm) or 8-16 lb/ream. Series 1100 PSAs are general-purpose products. Series 1200 adhesives are freezer-grade products formulated for binding at low temperatures. Series 1300 PSAs are intended for use in removable applications. Series 1400 products are formulated for use with applications that involve plasticizers, such as vinyl. ADM Tronics, 224-S Pegasus Ave., Northvale, NJ 07647, 201-767-6040, fax: 201-784-0620, Web:


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