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Wall Graphics and Sign-Ad are the latest lines of media from Catalina Graphic Films to be specially coated for use on HP Indigo presses. Wall Graphics is a 6-mil white, flexible vinyl with a removable and reusable adhesive and is intended for use as an interior marking in decal applications that require easy removal from clean, dry walls with smooth surfaces. Sign-Ad is a 3.5-mil matte white, flexible vinyl with a low-tack adhesive. It’s designed for interior and exterior applications in which no solvents are required. Both specially coated substrates are available in 12 x 18-in. (305 x 610-mm) sheets. Catalina Graphic Films, 27001 Agoura Rd., Calabasas Hills, CA 91301, 818-880-8060, fax: 818-880-1144, Web:


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