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REFLECTAmark FMG and REFLECTAmark PG are the latest additions to FLEXcon’s family of pressure-sensitive reflective films. FMG is described as a fleet-marking-grade, glass-bead-coated, reflective cast vinyl film that offers outdoor durability for seven years. PG is a glass-bead-coated, reflective polyester film intended for use with long-range barcode scanning, reflective stickers, emblems, promotional labels, or short-term safety signs. PG offers two years outdoor durability. The REFLECTAmark products reportedly offer excellent chemical and scratch resistance and come with a high-performance, permanent adhesive that bonds well to ABS, low-surface-energy plastics, aluminum, and stainless-steel surfaces. FMG films are compatible with solvent, inkjet, UV inkjet, and conventional printing technologies. PG films are compatible with resin thermal transfer ribbon and conventional printing technologies. FMG and PG films are available made-to-order with a variety of adhesives, liners, and film colors. FMG also is available custom made-to-order with a black reflective film. All films can be topcoated for enhanced ink adhesion. FLEXcon, 1 FLEXcon Industrial Park, Spencer, MA 01562, 508-885-8300, fax: 508-885-8301, Web:


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