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U.S. Screen Print and Inkjet Technology designed its AutoTREAT Automatic Pretreatment Center to prep garments for inkjet printing on a production level. The system can spray up to three shirts per minute and operate in two modes for light or dark garments. The modes can be switched over by activating the cleaning mode, which flushes out the system with water. Users can choose between normal pretreatment for dark garments, FastBRIGHT for light- and medium-colored garments, and dial in the exact amount of pretreatment they need. Users can make adjustments through the digital display and control panel. Other features include an air blower to dry the pretreatment before it goes to a heat-press station. U.S. Screen Print and Inkjet Technology, 1901 E. 5th St., Tempe, AZ 85281, 480-929-0640, Web:


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