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JetXpert is a new platform from ImageXpert that combines strobing technology with customized optics and software to assess the performance of any printhead through drop-in-flight analysis and visualization. The system measures the in-flight characteristics of ink drops under different conditions and can aid in optimizing system settings, ink formulations, and printer performance. JetXpert’s strobe is slaved to the firing frequency of the print head (50Hz-100kHz) so it can be used to measure drops from printheads made by Xaar, Spectra, Toshiba Tec, Konica Minolta, Seiko Epson, Kodak, and HP. JetXpert’s camera is a digital, Firewire-enabled, black and white system. The optical design allows for imaging and analysis of drops down to 3 pl in volume. Camera integration time is adjustable. The system’s ImageXpert software is used for image analyses such as drop trajectory, velocity, volume, radius, ligament and break-off length, and more. The strobe software also enables animated visualization of drops in flight for more detailed observation of jetted drops during flight. ImageXpert Inc., 460 Amherst St., Nashua, NH, 03063, 603-598-2500, fax: 603-598-2687, Web:


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