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Printa Systems, Kirkland, WA, announced it is now an authorized distributor of the Direct Advantage digital direct-to-garment printer and Hybrid Dual Decoration System introduced by Sawgrass Technologies. Printa will sell the systems in addition to its equipment for textile screen-printing, pad-printing, cylindrical printing, and sublimation/heat-transfer applications. The Direct Advantage digital direct-to-garment printer allows users to print a range of T-shirts, including 100% cotton and 50/50 cotton and polyesters blends. The printer uses Sawgrass software and inks. The Hybrid Dual Decorating System allows users to print on cotton and polyester and uses the Epson 4800 printer platform, ChromaBlast inks for printing onto cotton, and SubliJet IQ inks for printing sublimation transfers. Printa Systems is located at 127 10th St. S. #600, Kirkland, WA 98003, 800-601-6240, e-mail:, Web:

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