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A recent market-research study conducted by Boston, MA-based Web Consulting suggests that the finishing process is growing and becoming an increasingly profitable step in the production of inkjet-printed wide-format graphics. The majority of those surveyed provide print finishing, such as mounting and laminating, as a protective measure. More than 90% describe finishing as profitable.

“Several of the results of this survey are rather surprising,” says Alan Anderson, managing consultant of global market research at Web Consulting. “The majority of shops surveyed not only describe their print finishing as a profitable process, but 70% believe their mounting and laminating work will grow or maintain current production volumes in the next five years.”

Web Consulting presented its findings at the annual meeting of the Post-Print Manufacturers Association (PPMA) in Chicago, IL. Al Boese, executive director of PPMA, says, “Although advancements in printing technology have marginally diminished the need for some finishing services, other factors have caused an increase in demand. This can be attributed to a heightened awareness among buyers and providers to the value of protecting and enhancing printed images.”

Web Consulting conducted its online survey of users of wide-format inkjets in October 2006. The results are based on 109 usable responses. For more information, contact Web Consulting, 398 Columbus Ave., #331, Boston, MA 02116, 617-536-5925, fax: 617-536-5926, Web:

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