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Printing United Alliance Announces the Recipients of its Annual Sustainable Business Recognition Awards




Printing United Alliance celebrates Earth Day 2021 by recognizing the recipients of its annual Sustainable Business Recognition Awards Program. Member companies submit details about their sustainable business practices, operations instituted in reducing the company’s environmental footprint, improvements to employee safety and well-being, all while optimizing the company’s bottom line. All applications are reviewed and recommended for award designation by PRINTING United Alliance’s high-profile Sustainability, Safety, Health and Personnel Advisory Council. More information about this important program can be found here.

How the Program Works

In working to eradicate the world’s most devastating challenges, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a collection of 17 goals and 169 targets that serves as a universal platform for monitoring impact and harmonizing sustainability initiatives. The identified SDGs expand upon the original Three Pillars of Sustainability of People, Planet, Profit, to become more descriptive and action-oriented.

Printing United Alliance specifically focuses on the following SDGs for this particular awards program: Good Health and Well-Being; Decent Work and Economic Growth; and Responsible Consumption and Production.

2021 Sustainable Business Recognition Award Recipients

Printing United Alliance member companies awarded with this designation are as follows:

  • Albert Basse Associates
  • Bolger Vision Beyond Print
  • ColorLogic GmbH
  • Echo Communications
  • Empire Screen Printing
  • Lawson Screen and Digital Products
  • LEM Products
  • MegaPrint
  • Night Owls
  • Ricoh USA
  • S-One Holdings Corporation
  • Stratojet USA
  • Surrey Digital Printing
  • T-One Print PTY Ltd
  • Vapor Apparel

“Printing United Alliance proudly serves as a leader in guiding our members on how to implement and navigate environmental, health, and safety initiatives and best practices in what can often be an ever-changing, confusing environment,” said Marci Kinter, Vice President, Government & Regulatory Affairs, Printing United Alliance. “Each year we greatly anticipate the different submissions we receive as there are so many programs out there that are truly making a difference. We are proud of these members who go above and beyond in implementing extraordinary measures in environmental sustainability and responsibility.”

Here’s what some of the award recipients are saying:

“Sustainability is a fundamental part of everything we do,” said Barbara Braun-Metz, CEO, ColorLogic GmbH. “It shows in our dedication to improving color management to reduce the amount of waste. As innovators in the printing industry, it is our responsibility to not only our customers but our world. Being an eco-friendly company gives us the opportunity to invent, innovate and inspire. Achieving sustainability demands something from everyone, every day. This is good for the customer, good for business, and good for our environment.”

“We are honored to be recognized once again by Printing United Alliance with the Sustainable Business Recognition Award,” said Maureen O’Connor, President and CEO, LEM Products, Inc. “Our daily culture of safety and compliance in both occupational health as well as environmental responsibility is something that has become a shared experience and effort by all of our employees. We all feel a sense of pride in being part of a team goal to keep our business prosperous while promoting and enacting best practices toward environmental stewardship.”

“S-One is very pleased to receive the 2021 Printing United Alliance Sustainable Business Recognition Award,” said Art Lambert, Co-Founder, S-One Holdings Corporation. “We are committed to reducing the impact of printing on the environment by developing innovative, sustainable printing materials across all of our product lines.”

“The recycled material trend is here to stay as is near shoring. We are honored to receive this distinction from Printing United Alliance,” said Chris Bernat, Principal, Vapor Apparel. “Vapor Apparel will continue to add more recycled products to our line going forward.”


Details on Participating in Next Year’s Program

Printing United Alliance member companies interested in participating in next year’s program can find out more information here. Applications for the prestigious program will again open on January 15, 2022 and entries must be submitted by March 15, 2022. Projects must be implemented in 2021 for recognition in 2022.

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