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Workgroups 2006, from MetaCommunications, is a cross-platform process- and productivity-management software suite designed for creative, publishing, and prepress applications. Workgroups 2006 includes new versions of Job Manager 4.0, Virtual Ticket 7.0, Digital Storage Manager 2.0, and Approval Manager 1.0. Key management functions address financial productivity, projects and workflows, collaborative approval, and document storage. Solutions Libraries adds customizable, pre-built functionality. Libraries can be imported and include pre-built forms, finds, and reports for brand management, creative-workflow forms, digital-asset-management libraries, trafficking and scheduling, prepress job tickets, preflight integration, catalog page production, commercial print, media buying, sales management, customer-relationship management, video production, and print procurement. The libraries are available through MetaCommunications or third-party developers. Workgroups 2006 is a multi-user, server-based solution built on Microsoft SQL Server and .Net technologies. Customer applications are available for Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. MetaCommunications, 1210 S. Gilbert St., Iowa City, IA 52240, 800-771-6382, Web:


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