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Screen and digital printers who use CorelDRAW can now turn to a new group for support. The Association of CorelDRAW Professionals (ACDRP), based in Fresno, CA, was founded to provide training that focuses on software skills and techniques. ACDRP also offers its members ideas, tips, news, discounts, and more.

John and Judy McDaniel, authorized Corel training partners, founded ACDRP in 2006 in collaboration with industry publishers and association managers Mike and Steve Neer. They designed the organization to draw on the talents and skills of trainers worldwide, provide regular vehicles for communication among users, and connect users to industry suppliers. Other trainers, industry suppliers, and Corel Corp. are also involved.

ACDRP produces two electronic publications, CorelDRAWPro E-News and CorelDRAWPro Magazine, both of which focus on how-to articles and success stories. The association also manages two Websites, and The latter is home to a CorelDRAW tip of the month, industry news, classifieds, and more. The former is a members-only site the allows access to an archive of tips and articles published over the past 10 years. It also offers QuickLearn, a keyword-based search engine that assists members in exploring the database of resources. For more information, contact ACDRP Inc., 4709 N. El Capitan, Ste. 103, Fresno, CA 93722, 800-276-8428, fax: 559-276-8496, Web:

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