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SX ReadyCal 1001 Promotional Film is the latest addition to Avery Graphics’ line of specialty media for screen-printing applications. SX is a flexible, white, calendered vinyl film suitable for novelty and promotional decals, product-identification labels, nameplates, P-O-P displays, bumper stickers, floor and window graphics, short-term OEM decals, and posters. Avery Graphics says the film offers exceptional performance, works with a variety of ink systems, and is a high-quality, economical choice for printing new promotional materials. SX features a permanent adhesive designed to bond quickly to plastics, glass, and metals, including aluminum. The film can be used with common screen-printing inks, including air-dry and UV. Its polycoat liner is said to enhance lay-flat during multiple print passes. SX ReadyCal 1001 is available in 100-sheet cartons. Avery Graphics, 250 Chester St., Bldg. 6, Painesville, OH 44077, 800-443-9380, Fax: 513-682-7565, Web:


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