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DuPont selected GretagMacbeth’s Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer as the color-measurement instrument for its new digital proofing and UV printing system, which includes the DuPont Cromalin Largo and Cromaprint 22UV. DuPont currently embeds the Eye-One Pro into the Cromalin b series and new Cromalin blue proofing solutions to enable automated calibration. The Eye-One spectrophotometer is a 10-nm optical resolution unit designed to measure and profile any device and measure spot colors and flash/ambient light. With the Eye-One, users can profile monitors, scanners, printers, digital cameras, digital projectors, capture the color of a swatch of fabric, or check lighting conditions. The device is connected with a USB cord. DuPont is located at 4417 Lancaster Pike – CRP715, Wilmington, DE 19352, 800-345-9999, Web: GretagMacbeth can be reached at 617 Little Britain Rd., New Windsor, NY 12553, 845-565-7660, fax: 845-565-0390, Web:


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