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EFI recently extended the functionality of its Colorproof XF technology by adding remote proofing and support for current Pantone libraries. Colorproof XF Satellite is a new configuration for those who work in multiple locations. The system sends remote printing files (RPFs) to job recipients, who then produce real remote proofs. EFI says XF Satellite packages installed in remote locations provide full flexibility in processing RPFs and are dedicated to that function. Colorproof XF incorporates Pantone color definitions, including the new Pantone Goe System of more than 2000 colors. EFI says the direct path to Pantone from Colorproof XF delivers increased accuracy and flexibility across a wide range of print media. EFI, 303 Velocity Way, Foster City, CA 94404, 650-357-3500, fax: 650-357-3907, Web:


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