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ZeroNine says its FrogSkin54 is an ultra-thin and ultra-clear protective ink that can help eco-solvent or solvent-based inkjet prints last longer in indoor and outdoor applications. The coating is applied like a laminate. It’s designed to guard graphics from harsh chemicals, abrasion, and UV light while maintaining a clear and glossy finish. FrogSkin54 consists of a clear, dry-resin ink and a polyester carrier. The ink is transferred to the printed graphics during the lamination process, and the polyester carrier is removed after lamination is complete. The ink and the carrier together form a single web of material designed to disguise the two-play construction. The material is self-wound, with the coating on the inside. ZeroNine says FrogSkin improves plotter cutting of protected graphics, will not yellow over time, and won’t shrink or delaminate off of the printed graphic. ZeroNine, 1230 Claussen Dr., Woodstock, IL 60098, 815-334-0911, fax: 815-334-0915, e-mail:, Web:

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