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Graphic Inspector 1.5 is a quality-control solution from Zevrix designed to check entire folders of graphics files for potential problems. The software gives users access to crucial information on multiple files, eliminating the need to check files manually. Zevrix says Graphic Inspector 1.5 lets users define favorite folders, provides complete information on native Adobe Photoshop files, and more. The program displays information such as file type, color mode, resolution, compression, color profile, spot colors, fonts, metadata, and other attributes. The program’s Checkup Presets function allows users to create custom control settings tailored to their workflow requirements and locate files with unwanted attributes. A demo of the software is available for download at Zevrix’s Website. Zevrix Solutions, 105 McCaul St., Ste. 301, Toronto, ON, M5T 2X4, Canada, 416-217-0607, Web: Web:


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