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Turquoise and violet are the newest shades in the ORALITE Series of reflective films. Oralite 5700 engineering-grade and 5500 commercial-grade reflective films are 5-mil, thermal-print-compatible films that feature a permanent, solvent-based adhesive and 84-lb PE-coated paper liner. Series 5700 film is durable outdoors for up to seven years, and Series 5500 is durable outdoors for up to five years. Both films reportedly offer outstanding resistance to corrosion and chemicals and exhibit excellent reflectivity, even in poor visibility and bad weather. The films feature an impact- and scratch-resistant surface and high flexibility, making them suitable for use on reflecting advertising media, such as safety markings, conspicuity graphics, and street, construction, and general signage. Both series of films comply with international specifications for reflective materials, including ASTM D 4956. Series 5700 and 5500 are available in 14 shades (in each series) in 30- and 150-ft (9.0- and 46-m) rolls with widths of 15 (punched), 24, 30 (punched), and 48 in. (381, 610, 762, and 1219 mm). Oracal USA, 7251 Salisbury Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32256, 904-726-9597, 888-672-2251, fax: 904-726-9409, e-mail:, Web:


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