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Refresh: COVID-19 Has Caused Many of Us to Step Back and Reset

Take this rare opportunity and start a refresh of your own.




Refresh: COVID-19 Has Caused Many of Us to Step Back and Reset

YOU MAY NOTICE Screen Printing magazine received a bit of a facelift. Instead of a complete redesign we asked our art director for a refresh. We wanted the magazine to reflect the people in this industry and the work that’s being created. So, we upgraded the flow of the magazine and overall experience; updated the fonts to be more readable; and cleaned up the design to allow for increased white space, giving the images the attention they deserve.

Refresh is something that continues to come to mind during quarantine as we are asked to stay at home and avoid public spaces.

This is not to minimize the seriousness of COVID-19, the 100 thousand-plus deaths that have stemmed from the virus, the 10 million US citizens who have filed for unemployment, and the thousands of non-essential businesses that are closed. This is a pandemic and the road to recovery will be long.

This is also a reminder that in no point in our lives has this happened.

As a road warrior I’m constantly on the go, traveling to industry events, and sometimes spending more time in air than in my own house. I’m now grounded, and not just physically. I’m taking time for myself (who knew 10 minutes of yoga in the morning could change the trajectory of my day?); I’m more aware of what I consume because I’m the one making every meal; and I’m spending quality time with my loved ones over Zoom without any distractions.

Take this rare opportunity and start a refresh of your own. Consider adjusting your shop’s pricing. Tackle projects that have been placed to the side. Take a deeper look at your marketing efforts. Create a vlog for better brand awareness. Collaborate with local shops. Find ways to help your fellow screen printers stay in business (subscribe to our weekly Screen Saver newsletter to witness this in action). Learn why your employees work for you and what you can do to be a better leader.


That being said, don’t feel obligated to win a productivity award during this pandemic. It’s ok to slow down. To actually be home for family dinner. To binge that series you haven’t had the chance to watch. Let’s take this time to reset and refresh.



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