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FLEXcon says its shelf-ART system creates a new advertising medium for retail stores and brand owners. It’s designed to decorate shelving tops and sides and promote a brand even when the product is not on the shelf. The shelf-ART system also may be used to protect a brand from competitors’ encroachment. It adheres to standard painted metal shelf surfaces and includes a removable adhesive system formulated for clean removal for up to one year. A custom solution can be created for refrigerators and freezers. FLEXcon says the rigid characteristics of the 10- to 12.5-mil combination of base and overlaminating films allow the system to be easily installed. FLEXcon Co., Inc., 1 FLEXcon Industrial Park, Spencer, MA 01562, 508-885-8370, fax: 508-885-8399, Web:


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