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LexJet Clear with PreLume HD meets every requirement for brightness, image clarity, durability, and portability to ensure the end user’s satisfaction and utlimately greater profits for the graphics producer,” says LexJet VP John Lane. The 10-mil substrate is designed for reverse-printed trade-show graphics. It combines LexJet Clear polycarbonate with PreLume optical-reflection technology, which is designed to promote cleaner and brighter white areas for maximum color fidelity. LexJet Clear with PreLume HD is available in standard roll widths, from 18-50 in. (457-1270 mm) and lengths of 60 and 100 ft (18 and 31 m). LexJet, 1680 Fruitville Rd., 3rd Fl., Sarasota, FL 34236, 941-330-1210, 800-453-9538, fax: 941-330-1220, Web:


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