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The Ricoh RI 100 DTG printer

Ricoh Releases Compact RI 100 DTG Printer

Comes with a heating unit that requires no additional space.

The Ricoh RI 100 DTG printer is designed to operate in stores, offices, and other environments not dedicated to production printing. The compact direct-to-garment printer can fit on a desk or countertop and measures 15.7 in. wide x 27.5 in. deep. The printer is bundled with an intuitive heating system that removes wrinkles from fabric for a smooth printing surface and cures inks following printing; it eliminates the need for a separate conveyor dryer or heat press. The machine leverages modular drop-size technology to image up to 1200 x 1200 dpi in vivid mode. Users can create and print designs with Ricoh Design Software or an RPCS driver, which allows for the use of other software.


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Garment Printing | Digital Printing

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