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PosterJet says the newest version of its RIP for HP and Canon printers offers 30 new features. The software, now at version 7.5, can be used in the reroduction of posters, displays, placards, large photographs, maps, technical drawings, and more. Features include a graphical color-curve editor with color-managed preview, a 2D/3D ICC-profile viewer for input and output profiles, and a linearization editor. PosterJet 7.5 now supports X-Rite’s DTP 20 (pulse) and DTP 70 color-measurement devices, as well as the Spectrolino/SpectroScan device from GretagMacbeth. A new import function allows users to acquire image data directly from digital cameras, flatbed or large-format scanners, and similar input devices. Once loaded, all print jobs can automatically be cropped or adjusted into various formats or page sizes. PosterJet says the program uses print-while-processing technologies to translate PostScript, PDF, vector, and raster files line by line, managing color, interpolating data, and sending information to the printer as it goes. You can download a free evaluation copy at, or contact PosterJet-The Americas, 380 Woodley Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93108, 877-566-0338, fax: 805-684-7090, e-mail:, Web:

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