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The Jeti 3324 UVRTR (UV roll-to-roll) wide-format inkjet printer from Gandinnovations comes in 300- or 600-dpi formats and is equipped with 24 Spectra printheads with four heads/color for six color combinations. Gandinnovations says the printheads are equipped with tracking magnets that, when used with the Jeti 3324's linear motor, ensure dot placement within a micron. The printer is fully automated and is equipped with an onboard camera used to tune the printheads and a device to automatically clean and wipe them. For RIPS, users have a choice of Onyx PosterShop, Wasatch SoftRIP, or Shiraz V6 software. The Jeti 3324 supports EPS, TIFF, RGB, and PostScript Level 3 file formats. Users can drag and drop files to the layout page and rotate, flip, scale, and collage multiple files. The Jeti 3324 can print on a variety of materials, including reinforced and pressure-sensitive vinyl, canvas, fabrics, mesh, and paper. It accommodates roll substrates up to 126 in. (3200 mm) wide. Speeds range from 650-1050 sq ft/hr (60.4-97.5 sq m/hr) in six-color, 300-dpi mode to 350-650 sq ft/hr (32.5-60.4 sq m/hr) in six-color, 600-dpi mode. Gandinnovations, 941 Isom Rd., San Antonio, TX 78216, 210-344-9566, fax: 20-344-9569, e-mail:, Web:

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