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KIWO says its Kiwomat Simplex automatic screen-coating machine features the industry’s only coating trough designed by an emulsion manufacturer around emulsion’s coating characteristics. Simplex is equipped with a chain drive and pneumatic coating-trough actuation. It can coat single frames with outer dimensions up to 42 x 53 in. (1067 x 1346 mm) or up to two frames with outer dimensions of 25 x 36 in. (635 x 914 mm) simultaneously. Other features include a variable speed motor, coating troughs with 0.40- and/or 0.08-in. (1- and/or 2-mm) edge profile, digital control panel (without storage), and adjustments for coating-trough pressure and number of coatings for the front and back sides of the screen. KIWO, Inc., 1929 Marvin Cir., Seabrook, TX 77586, 800-549-6872, Web:


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