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A.W.T. says its Pro-Light 1 screen-exposure system is designed for the printer who wants to control quality and costs. The self-contained unit can be used with direct emulsions or film and is equipped with a high-output-spectrum light source and a rubber vacuum frame with a memory that returns to its original shape after completion of the exposure cycle. The Pro-Light has banks of focused fluorescent lamps that are positioned to create an evenly distributed actinic light profile. The vacuum motor is designed to deliver instant positive contact. The Pro-Light 1 comes with a 15-minute timer with automatic shut-off. Optional features include a UV blacklight system, spectrum light source with digital timer, and a floor-stand base. Pro-Light 1 is available in three models with frame sizes (outer dimensions) of 23 x 25, 29 x 51, and 50 x 72 in. (584 x 635, 737 x 1295, and 1270 x 1829 mm). A.W.T. World Trade, Inc., 43321 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 60641, 773-777-7100, fax: 773-777-0909, e-mail:, Web:


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