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Long pot life, extraordinary initial adhesion, and superior resistance to solvents, heat, and automatic cleaning machines are some of the attributes SaatiChem says its Ultrafix SB3 Plus frame adhesive has to offer. Ultrafix SB3 Plus is a clear, low-viscosity, two-part polyurethane adhesive designed for medium and high mesh counts and formulated for a mixed pot life of more than seven days in a sealed container. The adhesive can be used for mounting screens into frames made of aluminum, steel, iron, and wood, as well as those coated in plastic. SaatiChem says screens may be removed from the stretching system just minutes after application. Ultrafix SB3 Plus and Catalyst are available in a 1-gal kit. SaatiChem USA, 901 N. Business Center Dr., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056, 847-296-7697, 877-296-7697, fax: 847-296-7408, Web:


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