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Screen Industry Podcast Host to Speak at Mountain Top Motivation Virtual Summit

Aaron Montgomery, host of the “2 Regular Guys” podcast, joins a speaker lineup of 20-plus entrepreneurs.




Screen Industry Podcast Host to Speak at Mountain Top Motivation Virtual Summit

Aaron Montgomery

(PRESS RELEASE) The Mountain Top Motivation Virtual Summit has just announced, Aaron Montgomery, from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast as one of the 21 speakers during the 3-day event. The Mountain Top Motivation 3 Day Virtual Summit is a free virtual seminar where 20+ successful entrepreneurs will share their message on a winning mindset, business growth, and success in all areas. 3 full days of incredible inspirations, golden nuggets you can use immediately and perspectives to help you change your mindset.

Aaron Montgomery and Co-Host Terry Combs started the 2 Regular Guys Podcast in February of 2013 and that was the start of Aaron’s journey as an industry speaker. Since that time Aaron has started the company, Our Success Group where they train and support small businesses in the industry. In January of 2020, Aaron was certified by New York Times best-selling author Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles) as a Success Principles Trainer enhanced with a Virtual Skills Certification.

Aaron’s segment at the Mountain Top Motivation Virtual Summit ‘Conquer Fear And Live To Thrive’ will guide participants through understanding what fear really is and how it gets a hold of us. As well as, techniques to confront fear and turn it into the Art of Success™. Across the rest of the 3 days, you are going to get valuable insight from other speakers like Michael Griffiths who is a Referral Marketing Guru. Others like Jim Britt, the author of “Cracking The Rich Code”, Lois Koffi who is a Sales Success Coach, and many more.

The summit is live, but there is a VIP option you can choose to get a recording of all the sessions. As a VIP, you get to attend a VIP entrepreneurs networking event and you will get a bonus item from every speaker. Visit to sign up for this free event and to learn more.

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