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Dow Corning’s 9601 Textile Printing Ink is a two-component silicone product designed for printing garments on manual screen-printing equipment. Dow says the ink offers a soft, low-tack hand, high elongation, good wash durability, resistance to color migration, a fast heat cure, and a semi-gloss appearance. The company notes that 9601 is an environmentally friendly ink that does not contain organotin, phthalate, or solvent. Natural and synthetic fabrics, including those composed of up to 20% elastic fiber, are compatible with 9601. Dow Corning 9601 Textile Printing Ink is available in 44-lb (20-kg) base/2-lb (0.9-kg) catalyst kits. Samples are available in 2.2-lb (1-kg) base/1.6-oz (45-g) catalyst kits. Dow Corning Corp., PO Box 994, Midland, MI 48686, 989-496-4400, fax: 989-496-6731, Web:


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