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SeriesOne screen-printing inks from PolyOne are designed to help address the challenges of printing on high-tech performance fabrics in the sporting-goods market. SeriesOne inks include Nylon Plus, Cotton Pro, and PolyMax. Nylon Plus is designed for use on nylon jerseys, including porthole, micromesh, and dazzle cloth. It uses non-migrating pigments and reportedly provides a high-gloss finish and excellent durability. Cotton Pro is intended for use on 100%-cotton fabrics and developed for maximum coverage and bright color. PolyMax is PolyOne’s solution for challenging fabrics such as moisture-management polyesters. PolyMax reportedly offers high-opacity coverage with maximum bleed resistance. SeriesOne inks can be used on manual and automatic presses and are available in quart and larger containers. PolyOne Corp., 800-326-0226, Web:


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