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Screen Printing Magazine's Top 10 Most-Read Articles from 2021

Revisit the biggest industry headlines from the past year.




THE CONSTANTLY FLUCTUATING state of life that we’ve all been in has made 2021 one of the most difficult, yet profoundly impactful years to date. Many people, specifically those in the screen printing industry, had to deal with unforeseen labor shortages, supply chain issues, and a mad dash to online sales. Most shop owners have been forced to rethink their work days, employee standards, and even product offerings. If you can’t get the blanks you need, you simply can’t provide your optimal product. Is it a surprise that three of our top 10 stories of the year revolve around the supply chain? Definitely not. Check out this year’s best of the best from

1. With This Open Google Sheet, Screen Printers Can Sell Off Excess Inventory

  • One shop owner created a Google Sheet to trade/purchase extra blanks and other equipment. It was a welcome resource for many.

Screen Printing Magazine’s Top 10 Articles from 2021

2. Hard-Headed Customer Botches 20,000 T-Shirts

  • One customer ignored the advice of a seasoned screen printer and ended up with a large quantity of a subpar product.

3. Screen Printers Call BS on Things They Hear Frequently in the Industry

  • Our Brain Squad shares their honest thoughts and opinions on so-called truths of the trade.

A Michigan screen printer and his shirt folding machine were all the rage on TikTok.

4. WATCH: Screen Printer’s Viral TikTok Video Approaching 10 Million Views

  • Screen Printing Select hit the social media lottery and went viral on today’s hottest platform.

Screen Printing Magazine’s Top 10 Articles from 2021

5. Screen Printers Could Receive Thousands of Dollars in Cash Back from IRS

  • The Employee Retention Credit was offered as a part of the COVID economic relief package and you took advantage of it.

Screen Printing Magazine’s Top 10 Articles from 2021

6. Thieves Steal $30,000 in Blank T-Shirts from Screen Printing Company

  • As the supply chain issues continue, T-shirts are becoming more and more sought after.

Screen Printing Magazine’s Top 10 Articles from 2021

7. Andy MacDougall Talks Biosensors, Electrochemistry

  • MacDougall’s keen sense of importance in the industry led to a very interesting first podcast.

8. Screen Shop Defrauded of Nearly $11K by Online Scammer

  • Fraudsters will always catch our attention. There’s nothing worse than this type of surprise. (Well, maybe there is… see #6.)

Screen Printing Magazine’s Top 10 Articles from 2021

9. Is UV LED Right for Your Screen Printing Shop?

  • Screen printers are always looking for ways to enhance their business, so there’s no surprise this made the top 10.

Screen Printing Magazine’s Top 10 Articles from 2021

10. Molly Baz Knows How to Sell a Brand

  • Former Bon Appétit editor uses Instagram and screen printing to launch Molly Merch.

Gallery Round Up

Screen printers are some of the most creative craftspeople in the workforce. Take some time to sit back and enjoy some images from the industry. From the most iconic band shirts ever printed, to Hall of Fame goofs to even printing on balloons, our galleries from the past year provided a nice respite from work for us all.

Screen Printing Magazine’s Top 10 Articles from 2021
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