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Ulano’s new Total Screen Chemistry is a family of products for the screen room. Chemicals for mesh preparation include Degreaser Concentrate 1:20 and Magic Mesh Prep, which is a ready-to-use liquid that combines a screen degreaser, wetting agent, and antistatic treatment. Ulano says Magic Mesh Prep improves flow characteristics, facilitates a more uniform coating of direct emulsion, and reduces ink feathering in low humidity. Red Blockout is a water-soluble filler for use with medium to fine mesh counts. Its color is intended to provide contrast, even on colored mesh. New ink washes include All-Purpose Ink Wash, a solvent blend formulated for most screen-printing inks; Cleanmatic, a hydrocarbon-free concentrate for automatic screen-washing equipment; and Citrus Screen Opener, which is formulated for quick evaporation and use on press. Products for stencil removal include Stencil remover Concentrate 1:20; Stripmatic, a liquid concentrate for automatic equipment; and Ink and Stencil Remover Concentrate, a two-in-one formulation for washing out plastisols and removing stencils by hand or in dip tanks. New haze removers include Walk Away Haze Remover, a coatable product that Ulano says offers unlimited dwell time and works as it dries on the mesh, and Fast Acting Haze Remover, which Ulano describes as effective on most screen in 2-3 min. Finally, Hardener D is a liquid stencil treatment the Ulano formulated to improve the durability and water resistance of the company’s new QT-DISCHARGE emulsion for garment screen printing. Ulano Corp., 110 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217, 718-237-4700, 800-221-0616, fax: 718-802-1119, Web:


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