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SGIA, Fairfax, VA, named Scott McLean of DI Graphics Inc., Wheat Ridge, CO, 2007 chairman of the organization’s board of directors. Joining McLean on the board are first vice chairman Kent Yunker of Yunker Industries, second vice chairman Carl Baldwin of Falcon Graphics Inc., third vice chairman Joe Shondel of Selecto-Flash Inc., associate vice chairman James Gill of Spectra Printing Div., treasurer Nick Maccaroni of Max Graphics, and secretary Mike Mockridge of Mockridge Doming Systems.

Rich Thompson of Ad Graphics is the new printer-member elected to the board, and Lynn Krinsky of Stella Color and C.Y. Lee of CY International Co. Ltd. are renominated printer-members who will serve three-year terms. Continuing their terms are Mike Emrich of Meto-Graphics, Pete Gallo of Vista Color Imaging, Eric Henry of T.S. Designs, Tim Markley of Markley Enterprise, and Hoddy Peck of Meisel.

Scott Fresener of U.S. Screen Print and Inkjet Technology is the supplier-member re-elected to the board, and Jane Cedrone of EFI-VUTEk, Scott Fisher of Fisher Textiles, Herman Haffner of Nor-Cote Int’l, and Jeff Notto of 3M Commercial Graphics are remaining supplier-directors who also will serve. Immediate past chairman David Van Veldhuizen of The Mitographers, Kerry Gillespie of Gillespie Graphics, Gordon Brown of New Vista Image, and SGIA president/CEO Michael Robertson also will serve on the board.

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