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The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA), Fairfax, VA, recently published its 2006 Operating Ratio Study (ORS) online. This ORS was conducted through Surveys & Statistics on the organization’s Website,

“With the ORS, you get a snapshot of how your business is doing compared to similar-sized shops. It’s critical information,” says Alaina Harris, business information associate at SGIA. “The ORS report provides a standard for the cost of doing business in the specialty imaging industry, and that information is key to making solid business decisions. It should be a regular component of your company’s planning.”

SGIA created the survey, which compiles information about expenses, inventory, cash flow, and other financial matters, but the Association says an outside firm conducted the survey to assure confidentiality. Reports are available online in PDF format and can be purchased for $99 (non-members pay $249) at the e-Store or by calling 888-385-3588. For more information about the Operating Ratio Study, contact SGIA, 10015 Main St., Fairfax, VA 22031, 703-385-1335, fax: 703-273-0456, Web:


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