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The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association redesigned its Website,, with expanded resources and an information network. On the new home page, visitors will find Trends & Insights, Industry Insight, and Countering Commoditization. The site also features customized pages for various segments of the imaging community, such as Garment Decorators, Graphic Imagers, and Industrial Imagers.

“Because there is an amazing amount of information and member resources available on, the Association wanted to be sure important features and industry news are easily accessible on the home page, and throughout the site,” says SGIA president and CEO Michael Robertson.

SGIA members also can find out the latest news about their clients’ markets through the SGIA Markets Hub on The Hub pulls the latest articles and resources from media outlets and industry publications to offer members insight into specialty imaging and its various markets within one Website. The site is continually updated with breaking stories about retail markets, transit, garment decoration, and green business.

“With the rapid change in our global marketplace, it’s important for specialty imagers to stay on top of the latest issues and know what their customers are doing and dealing with,” Robertson says. “Now, they have a central source for their market news and information needs.”

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