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Last year was a profitable one—more so than 2006, according to 47% of the respondents of the Financial Outlook Survey, conducted by the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA), Fairfax, VA. Most of the respondents expecting growth this year predict doing so at a rate of 5-14%.

According to survey results, more than half of the respondents attribute most of their anticipated 2008 growth to digital technology. “Given the accessibility and affordability of new digital technology, it’s continuing to be a growth source for the industry,” says Katy Lellelid, SGIA’s business information associate.

Survey respondents said other factors contributing to their 2008 projections include offering new products, hiring more sales staff, and offering more customer services. Such services may include new or improved Websites and additional marketing efforts.

SGIA says the survey, which ran from mid-January to mid-February, collected information about sales per employee and was broken down by industry sector, which included graphics producers, garment decorators, industrial-applications printers, and suppliers/distributors. The survey summary is available online at Members can access the complete survey report free of charge at, keyword: surveys.

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