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Spartanics-Systec now offers a solution designed to help screen printers eliminate expected bottlenecks in the drying stage of production. The Spartanics-Systec Sheet and Web Contact Drying System is designed to dry solvent and water-based inks in what the company says is a fraction of the required drying times in conventional, heated-air ovens. According to Spartanics-Systec, screen-printed materials that previously required two hours to dry now can be fully dry within 30 sec. Spartanics-Systec also says the system uses 1/5 or less energy than conventional drying systems. The system combines a heated vacuum plate, conveyor belt, and integrated adjustable, heated-air blower operated from a touch panel. The plate accumulates and retains heat, and multiple sensors allow for sectional re-heating of the drying plate only when necessary. The system supplies the heat through the heated vacuum plate from the bottom side of the material. Other features include adjustable temperature from 77-320° F (25-160°C) and a temperature-data recorder and graphical display that stores and analyzes up to eight hours of temperature data for process control. The Sheet and Web Contact Drying System is available as a stand-alone unit or as an option for the Spartanics-Systec Fineprint screen-printing systems. Spartanics-Systec, 3605 Edison Pl., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008, 847-394-5700, fax: 847-394-0409, Web:


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