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Shirt Lab Women’s Nexus Registration Now Open

Decorated apparel industry virtual event to be held June 5th.




Shirt Lab Women’s Nexus Registration Now Open

(PRESS RELEASE) DUBUQUE, IA – Shirt Lab founders Tom Rauen and Marshall Atkinson have opened registration for the next virtual event for the decorated apparel and promotional marketing communities, this time aimed at women business owners and industry leaders.

The Shirt Lab Women’s Nexus is about engagement, conversations, and how as an industry we can amplify women’s voices. This will be an opportunity to network with other business leaders and share ideas.

The event will be hosted by Michelle Moxley, innovation director at M&R Equipment. Speakers include Alison Banholzer, owner of Wear Your Spirit Warehouse; Johanna Gottlieb, vice president of sales for Axis Promotions; Milissa Clark, director of sales for General Standard; and Kristine Shreve, director of marketing and outreach for Applique Getaway.

Each speaker will share a topic for 20 minutes, and then the entire audience will break out into randomly chosen discussion groups. Each group will have a moderator and discuss the topic for 20 minutes. Then, the session will reconvene and each group moderator will share highlights of the discussion in their particular group.

In each of the four sessions, attendees will be randomly assigned to ensure networking and engagement remain at a high level.

The five moderators for the Shirt Lab Women’s Nexus are Marcia Derryberry of Marcia Derryberry Media Communications; Jenna Sackett of Stahls’; Holly Trevino of Planet Apparel; Nicole Rollender with Strand Writing Services; and Marj Easterling of Big Lick Screen Printing.


The Shirt Lab Women’s Nexus will be a live, completely virtual event on Saturday, June 5, 2021. The event fee is $97, but participation is free for Shirt Tribe members.

For more information, check out the Shirt Lab Women’s Nexus Event Guide. To register for the event, visit



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