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Digital Auto Library says its Fantastic Signs collection of sign template allows customers to create signs in minutes instead of hours. The collection includes a set of four volumes, each containing 50 pre-made sign templates for use with print-and-cut solutions. The software also features an editing program with more than 1000 fonts and nearly 300 bitmap fills. Users select a template, then using the editor program, change the sign’s colors, fonts, bitmap fills, and gradient fills to match their customers’ color requirements. The finished sign design can be exported to PDF or EPS PostScript Level 3 and printed using a RIP print/cut solution. Fantastic Signs is available in its entirety of 200 sign templates or in four individual volumes of 50 signs. Fantastic Signs, 1538 Stanleyfield Crescent, Greely, Ontario K4P 1M7, Canada, 866-895-3157, fax: 613-247-7122, e-mail:, Web:


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